Health & Wellness….More Than Just Food & Exercise!

Health and wellness is not just about food and fitness, it has many, many dimensions!

Well-being and self care come in many forms. A healthy diet and proper exercise? Absolutely! Yet, this is not nearly enough for total wellness.

Health & wellness is also about who you surround yourself with. Do those in your circle lift you up? Make you a better person? Encourage you to be your best? Sharing space regularly with friends and family who are positive influences in your life, those who support your dreams and goals and keep you accountable should be part of your wellness practice. The quality of the company you keep will absolutely impact your life’s path.

Are you free to talk about your dreams and goals without being shot down? Are you free to be yourself without being judged or criticized? Think about it! This is all important to consider when looking at your total wellness picture.

We all deserve to feel supported, cared for, loved, and motivated. If you don’t, it’s time to find another tribe… people who make you feel all this and more! I am blessed with an amazing tribe, both family and friends – I’m lucky that way! Truth be told, this wasn’t always the case. You owe it to yourself to find those people who make you want to be better, those who are real and hold you accountable, those who believe in you when, maybe, you don’t believe in yourself.

Check back weekly and on my blog page for more self-care ideas to support your overall well-being. You are worth it!

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