30+ Fitness & Health Free Gifts for Me? Yes, please!

Hi there!

MAKE 2019 YOUR YEAR! I know we say it every year, but this time it’ll be different.

That’s because this year you’ve got access to over $5,000 tools and resources from more than 30 top fitness and health pros who’ve got your back!

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Fit & Healthy Giveaway and to be one of the amazing ladies who can help you shine in 2019!


WHO is it for?

If you’re looking to eat right, find balance, lose weight, gain energy and look and feel your best ever.

WHAT is it?

Gifts like detoxes, challenges, guides, coaching, ebooks and more.

WHERE can I get it?

Head over to bit.ly/fithealthy2019 to sign up for the giveaway.

WHEN is it available?

This special event runs January 14th through January 27th.

HOW do I get in on the action?

Once you join the giveaway, you’ll get access to all the goodies on our gifts page. Simply pick the ones you want. All for free. No strings attached.

Here are just a handful of gifts to choose from… 

* 7-day sugar and carb detox to recover from the holidays and start fresh in 2019

* E-course to recharge your body and overcome fatigue

* Quick and easy whole food recipe book + bonus discovery session to keep those New Year’s resolutions of getting healthier

* 30-day jumpstart program to lose those stubborn extra pounds without crazy dieting

* Reclaim your sanity masterclass to get organized, stay focused and reduce stress

As for MY gift, I’m excited to offer a month of health coaching!

Join us FREE at bit.ly/fithealthy2019 .

Here’s to your best 2019!

P.S. The Fit & Healthy Giveaway ends January 27th. Grab your gifts! Which ones will you choose? bit.ly/fithealthy2019 

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